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Q Both ‘Pre­par­ing backup…’ and ac­tu­ally back­ing up take sev­eral hours with mod­est amounts of data. Ap­ple sites have many sim­i­lar com­plaints but no so­lu­tions. Can you help? Pa­trick Cramp­ton

A There are lots of things that can cause this, but let’s go over some of the com­mon ones. First check you don’t have anti-virus soft­ware run­ning dur­ing the backup pe­riod. Also open the Spotlight search box. If you see the ‘in­dex­ing’ progress bar ap­pear, halt your Time Ma­chine backup un­til it has fin­ished. Time Ma­chine is a lot slower while Spotlight is in­dex­ing. If Time Ma­chine re­cently failed to com­plete a backup, the next one can be much slower be­cause it needs to roll Time Ma­chine back cor­rectly, us­ing the .in­Progress file from the failed backup. And adding fold­ers that were pre­vi­ously ex­cluded from Time Ma­chine can also add a lot of time to the backup.

You’re us­ing a Time Capsule, so we need to take net­work is­sues into ac­count as well. Con­nect­ing both the capsule and your Mac to your router via Eth­er­net will speed things up, but if that’s not prac­ti­cal try just putting the Time Capsule in the same room as the router. If this makes a dra­matic dif­fer­ence, you may have Wi-Fi in­ter­fer­ence. If none of this helps, try in­stalling the Time Ma­chine Buddy from­­fault/Time_Machine_Buddy.html. This Dash­board wid­get pro­vides a handy way to view the Time Ma­chine log mes­sages that might give you some more clues.

Wi-Fi in­ter­fer­ence near your Time Capsule can make your back­ups much slower than they need to be.

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