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Q Should I be wor­ried about the warn­ing mes­sage that ap­peared when I used Disc Util­ity fol­low­ing an un­ex­pected quit by Mail? It says ‘SUID file – Sys­tem/ Li­brary/ Core Ser­vices/ Re­mote Man­age­ment/ ARDA­ Con­tents/ MacOS/ ARDA­gent has been mod­i­fied and will not be re­paired’. I’m us­ing a mid-2010 Macbook Pro with Mav­er­icks. Disk Util­ity re­ports ev­ery­thing else as OK, ver­i­fy­ing and re­pair­ing some per­mis­sions. I have tried to find the file in Li­brary with no suc­cess. An­drew Knight

A Don’t worry this is per­fectly nor­mal. Disk Util­ity checks the per­mis­sions for the OS X sys­tem files against a master list that de­tails the ‘cor­rect’ per­mis­sions for each one. In 10.5, some of these files were shuf­fled around into dif­fer­ent sub­fold­ers and this changed their ef­fec­tive per­mis­sions very slightly. Disk Util­ity wasn’t up­dated to ac­count for this and so it throws up these er­ro­neous warn­ings. Although this plays hell with the ob­ses­sive-com­pul­sive part of my brain and sets off the tic in the cor­ner of my eye, Ap­ple has con­firmed that this mes­sage is not a con­cern and should be ig­nored. See https://sup­port.ap­ HT203172 for a com­plete list of other Disk Util­ity warn­ings you can ig­nore.

Even if Re­pair Per­mis­sions shows warn­ings there isn’t nec­es­sar­ily any­thing wrong.

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