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Q I have just been on a four-month cruise, tak­ing im­ages at ev­ery port. I down­loaded these onto my MacBook giv­ing each port a num­ber and name. As a pre­cau­tion I dragged each file (copy­ing them) onto three dif­fer­ent flash drives. I now find that about nine are miss­ing com­pletely. Not on the lap­top hard drive nor on the flash drives. I am fran­tic! I have pic­tures of Ko­modo dragons some­where! Bernard Minns

A In broad brush strokes, the three pos­si­bil­i­ties are that 1. The im­ages were never copied to the flash drives in the first place. 2. They were copied but deleted. 3. They have be­come cor­rupted and are no longer recog­nised a im­age files.

Sce­nario 1 is prob­a­bly ter­mi­nal be­cause your cam­era’s mem­ory card has prob­a­bly been over­writ­ten sev­eral times, so there's no data left from your im­ages, but there is a small chance that sce­nar­ios 2 and 3 may still al­low some im­age data to be re­cov­ered with a com­mer­cial re­cov­ery tool such as Data Res­cue 4. This will scan your flash drives and can find files that have been deleted or cor­rupted, even af­ter the drive has been re­for­mat­ted. It costs about £64, but you can run the free demo ( to see if there are any re­cov­er­able files first.

Data Res­cue can find lost photos, if your mem­ory cards haven’t been over­writ­ten.

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