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Q I in­tend to up­grade my iMac to a newer Retina screen model. I cur­rently still use the iPhoto app rather than the new Photos app and will want to do so on the new iMac, at least for the time be­ing. Is there a way I can copy or trans­fer my cur­rent iPhoto app to the new iMac? I know that I could use Mi­gra­tion As­sis­tant to trans­fer all my files and apps to the new iMac, but would rather not use that op­tion. Barry Cardy

A That won’t work any­way. Mi­gra­tion As­sis­tant won’t copy over the iPhoto app, just the iPhoto li­brary, which will then get im­ported to Photos the first time you start the app. You should still be able to copy the iPhoto app over, if you have a Time Ma­chine backup, or by putting the old iMac in tar­get disk mode. Although iPhoto has been re­placed, it should con­tinue to work for the du­ra­tion of Yosemite’s life at least.

The new Photos app im­proves on iPhoto but you can keep us­ing the old app for now if you like.

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