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Q I have im­ported my Aper­ture li­brary (96GB) into Photos and the iCloud Photo Li­brary. I would pre­fer to con­tinue with Aper­ture rather than mov­ing over to Light­room, and the ma­jor prob­lem is in trans­fer­ring any new im­ages im­ported into Aper­ture, and then edited, across to Photos. As a work­around I have tried ex­port­ing im­ages to the desk­top and then im­port­ing them into Photos, but la­bels and rat­ings do not end up as key­words. I then tried Photo Stream, but again no la­bels and rat­ings were at­tached to the im­ages in Photos. Neville Mor­gan

A Photos doesn’t have sep­a­rate nu­meric rat­ings; it’s all just key­words. When you im­port the whole li­brary, the rat­ings and la­bels are con­verted to key­words and Photos stores these with the im­age. But when you ex­port in­di­vid­ual im­ages to a folder, Aper­ture doesn’t in­clude all of the meta­data in the ex­ported file and la­bels are one of the ca­su­al­ties. This means that a work­flow that moves im­ages back and forth be­tween Aper­ture and Photos is very awk­ward.

If any­one can think of a con­ve­nient way to do this and pre­serve all the meta­data in each di­rec­tion, I’d be very in­ter­ested to hear it. For now, I think your prac­ti­cal choices boil down to ‘Photos only’ or ‘Aper­ture only’.

Photos has stream­lined the way that im­ages are rated and tagged, but it won’t suit ev­ery­one.

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