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Mac Format - - MAC SOS - by Luis Vil­la­zon Luis Vil­la­zon has been keep­ing data pri­vate since the days when pig Latin was con­sid­ered en­cryp­tion.

Since Ap­ple re­placed iPhoto with Photos, the fo­rums have been full of wail­ing and lamen­ta­tion. This is what fo­rums are for of course; no one both­ers to let the in­ter­net know when ev­ery­thing is great. But Photos has changed the way your snaps are sorted and cat­e­gorised and no one likes change. One change in par­tic­u­lar, has alarmed many peo­ple. Photos no longer hides ‘hid­den’ photos from the All Photos view. In iPhoto, you could mark a photo with the hid­den flag and it wouldn’t show up in any of the al­bums or events views. This was a handy way to dis­cretely tuck any cheeky bed­room

Photos changed the way snaps are sorted, and no one likes change

shots out of view. It was never go­ing to re­sist the foren­sic glare of the vice squad, and it wasn’t meant to. But I know sev­eral cou­ples that used this fea­ture to tune the fam­ily photo al­bum, so that the lace and elas­tic didn’t nor­mally show up with the hol­i­day snaps. In Photos, ‘hid­den’ pic­tures are only ac­tu­ally hid­den from Mo­ments, Col­lec­tions and Years. They still show up in ‘All Photos’ and are ex­plic­itly added to a new smart al­bum called ‘Hid­den’. Hardly dis­crete.

You can still keep your boudoir shots off the desk­top in Photos, but you need to cre­ate a sep­a­rate li­brary for them. Hold down å when you start Photos and click Cre­ate New. You need to re­mem­ber to close Photos and re­open it us­ing the nor­mal li­brary ev­ery time you have fin­ished us­ing the se­cret one, so that the de­fault li­brary re­mains the safe one.

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