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Q What has hap­pened to iPhoto? I used to have all my pic­tures or­gan­ised us­ing named events and this worked very well, par­tic­u­larly given that it was easy to merge mul­ti­ple events to­gether, if they spanned sev­eral days (hol­i­days, for ex­am­ple). Now in Photos all my pic­tures ap­pear in one long list, with no way of nam­ing the oc­ca­sion. Where are my events? Anne Chan­ning

A They are gone. Ap­ple de­cided that there was too much over­lap be­tween events and al­bums, and since they couldn’t very well have a photo app with­out al­bums, it was events that had to go.

You’re mak­ing this sound worse than it is though. The ‘All Photos’ al­bum is just a gi­ant scrolling list of ev­ery pic­ture, sorted by date, true. But the Photos view (at the top of the side­bar) will break this up with date head­ers, so that all the pic­tures taken on the same day are grouped to­gether. If they were taken on a cam­era that records the lo­ca­tion, this will also be shown in the header. For hol­i­days that’s prob­a­bly all you need, but if you want to group your im­ages more pre­cisely, you can just drag them into a new al­bum and name it as you would have pre­vi­ously named the event.

You can also use key­words and smart al­bums to cre­ate al­bums that au­to­mat­i­cally up­date as you add new pic­tures. And on top of all that, when you mi­grate from iPhoto, the Photos app cre­ates a sep­a­rate al­bum for each of the events you had pre­vi­ously, listed un­der ‘iPhoto Events’.

Don’t worry, your old iPhoto events are pre­served when you mi­grate to Photos.

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