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Yosemite has re­fined the way we find the an­swers to all sorts of ques­tions, in­clud­ing some clever short­cuts that you prob­a­bly hadn’t no­ticed.

1 Yosemite in­cludes a Span­ish to English dic­tionary. Open Pref­er­ences in the Dic­tionary app and tick the box next to ‘Gran Dic­cionario Ox­ford – Es­pañolInglés’. You can now trans­late any Span­ish word in most OS X apps by right-click­ing it and choos­ing ‘Look Up’.

2 If you need to do a quick sum, you can hit ç+ Space to bring up Spotlight and type it there. Or click the No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­tre icon in the top-right cor­ner of the screen to slide a ba­sic cal­cu­la­tor into view.

3 Spotlight can also search for songs. So if you don’t want to wait for iTunes to load, just hit ç+ Space, type in the name of the song and play it di­rectly from the Spotlight win­dow.

4 If you want search the in­ter­net with­out be­ing tracked by Google (or any­one else), you can use Duck­DuckGo. Sa­fari 8 al­lows you to switch search en­gine di­rectly. Click the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon in the ad­dress bar and se­lect Duck­DuckGo. 5 By de­fault, Sa­fari 8 will only show you the site you are brows­ing, rather than the URL of the spe­cific page. If you want to re­vert to the old way, click ‘Show full web­site ad­dress’ in Sa­fari > Pref­er­ences > Ad­vanced.

Play in­di­vid­ual songs straight from the Spotlight search win­dow, with­out start­ing iTunes.

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