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Q I use Mi­crosoft OneNote a lot on my iPad, as I find it bet­ter than the built-in Notes app. How­ever, I’m start­ing to run low on space and I’m con­cerned that this might be to do with the data I have in OneNote. Is there a way to see how much each notebook is tak­ing up?

The Man­age Stor­age op­tion in Gen­eral set­tings just shows how much all of them are tak­ing up to­gether, which is not what I want. Mike Spencer

A It’s even worse than that be­cause the Gen­eral set­tings op­tion in­cludes the space taken up by the app it­self as well. You can’t see in­di­vid­ual file sizes in OneNote, but if you are sync­ing your note­books to Mi­crosoft OneDrive (which is the de­fault), you can view them there. First make sure your note­books are synced to the cloud by tap­ping the lit­tle Filo­fax icon on the pur­ple rib­bon bar at the top. Now down­load the free OneDrive app from the App Store and log in to your OneDrive ac­count. Each notebook will ap­pear as a sep­a­rate icon in the Doc­u­ments sec­tion and the De­tails view shows the size of each one, next to the cre­ation date. The Thumb­nail view doesn’t show file sizes.

Mi­crosoft OneNote works best when you al­low it to sync with Mi­crosoft’s own ver­sion of iCloud.

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