Alan is well chuffed to use iOS to tell his Mac to down­load stuff

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Transloader (£4.49, eter­nal­ is one of those apps whose sim­plic­ity be­lies its use­ful­ness. When you come across a file you can’t down­load and use on iOS, you copy its ad­dress to the clip­board and paste it into the iOS app, which saves the link to iCloud – yes, you’ll need to be signed into the same iCloud ac­count on your Mac and iOS de­vice. This gives the com­pan­ion app on your Mac a nudge to down­load the file.

The Mac part of­fers sen­si­ble cus­tomi­sa­tions. It nor­mally dis­plays a list of past and in-progress down­loads in a win­dow. Don’t worry if you find that cum­ber­some be­cause the app’s pref­er­ences in­clude a check­box that hides the win­dow and re­places it with a sta­tus icon in the menu bar. That icon re­veals a drop-down list of down­loads. (We wish Sa­fari had some­thing sim­i­lar – or, bet­ter, No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter of­fered a wid­get to mon­i­tor all down­load ac­tiv­ity.)

You don’t even have to mon­i­tor Transloader’s progress if you have other things to do, be­cause it plugs into OS X’s no­ti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem. This en­ables you to ca­su­ally catch up on what has down­loaded when­ever you have a free mo­ment. Al­ter­na­tively, if it’s im­por­tant to find out as soon as a down­load has fin­ished, you can set the app’s no­ti­fi­ca­tions to per­sist on your desk­top so you can’t miss them.

Also handy is the abil­ity to choose a des­ti­na­tion for files other than your Down­loads folder, which is shared with Sa­fari and po­ten­tially many other apps. Choos­ing a sep­a­rate folder might make it eas­ier for you to find things if the main Down­loads folder is al­ready clut­tered be­cause of those other apps.

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