Make notes on any­thing and keep them dis­creetly tucked away

Mac Format - - RATED -

£3.99 Devel­oper Thomas Peter­son,

Re­quires OS X 10.9 or higher

Ghost­note is a Post-it­style app with a dif­fer­ence. In­stead of lit­ter­ing your Desk­top with notes, it’s made them con­tex­taware. You can ap­ply them to a doc­u­ment, folder or dozens of sup­ported apps.

When Ghost­note is run­ning its icon sits in your Mac’s menu bar. Click on it while in an app or with a folder or doc­u­ment se­lected and an empty note drops down, ready to be filled in. Text in notes can be for­mat­ted, in­clud­ing mak­ing it an or­dered list or bullet points. And you can add tasks with tick boxes next to them. Note colours can be cus­tomised and de­tached from the menu bar so they float on the desk­top. In some apps, you can add notes to in­di­vid­ual doc­u­ments and, in Sa­fari, to spe­cific web­sites.

It’s not al­ways the most in­tu­itive app, how­ever. By de­fault the fea­ture that al­lows you to add notes to doc­u­ments and fold­ers isn’t ac­tive. If you click on a file or folder in the Fin­der, you’ll only be able to add a note to the Fin­der as a whole. To add sup­port, you must click on the Ghost­note menu bar item, click the gear wheel and choose In­stall Doc­u­ment Sup­port. You’re then asked to open a folder, though which folder isn’t spec­i­fied and no feed­back is given when in­stal­la­tion is suc­cess­ful. It’s rough edges like this that de­tract from Ghost­note’s ap­peal.

On the plus side, the use of icons at the bot­tom of notes means your never in any doubt about what each note is at­tached to. Kenny Hem­phill

An ex­cel­lent tool that any­one who con­stantly writes things on scraps of pa­per will find use­ful.

Add notes with­out clut­ter­ing

Notes are cus­tomis­able

Can ex­port notes

Counter-in­tu­itive in places

Ghost­note notes can be at­tached to ap­pli­ca­tions, fold­ers or doc­u­ments.

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