Jump­Jet Rex

This guy’s rocket boots make other di­nos look like a thing of the past

Mac Format - - RATED - Alan Stone­bridge

£10.99 Devel­oper TreeFortress Games, treefortress.com

Re­quires OS X 10.6 or higher

This quirky game stars a di­nosaur wear­ing rocket-equipped boots on a quest to save his kind from ex­tinc­tion. Press­ing a key gives him a short boost up­wards, and with well-timed re­peat presses Rex gains al­ti­tude. His fan­tas­ti­cal footwear also en­ables him to dash hor­i­zon­tally in short bursts, which can also be main­tained with well­timed presses. The chal­lenge is to keep Rex mov­ing with­out crash­ing into spikes, lasers, sen­try robots and other dan­gers that lie in ev­ery which way he can move.

Your main goal is sim­ply to reach the end of each level, which earns you a star. Quo­tas of stars have to be met in or­der to open up more lev­els, and you can earn even more by pass­ing through ev­ery gold ring in a level, and for fin­ish­ing with­out dy­ing.

Ev­ery so of­ten you’ll come up against a be­he­moth whose at­tacks you must dodge, while you re­turn the favour to bring them to their knees. These are the most fun parts of Rex’s ad­ven­ture. How­ever, the reg­u­lar maze-like lev­els re­quire huge pa­tience to me­morise their lay­outs, and they soon feel pun­ish­ing – part

Jump­Jet Rex is cute and cool, but the adorable aes­thetic masks al­most gamepad-break­ing lev­els of chal­lenge.

of the game’s ap­peal for some, but it isn’t just dif­fi­culty that might put you off; any­one who has played clas­sic Mario or Sonic games will re­call things about their early lev­els to this day. Here, lev­els lack that ex­tra piz­zazz to make them mem­o­rable enough for all but hard­core play­ers to per­se­vere and play lev­els re­peat­edly in or­der to con­quer ev­ery chal­lenge.

Nice retro vi­su­als

Oh, is it chal­leng­ing

Too chal­leng­ing for many tastes

Retro mu­sic starts to grate

Rex must avoid om­nipresent dan­ger as his fu­tur­is­tic footwear pro­pels him to his goal.

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