For­got­ten Mem­o­ries: Al­tered Re­al­i­ties

Another great rea­son to never seek asy­lum in an asy­lum

Mac Format - - RATED - Richard Cob­bett

£4.99 Devel­oper Psy­chose In­ter­ac­tive, for­got­ten­mem­o­ri­es­

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.0.2

The scari­est thing about any iPad hor­ror game is know­ing you might only be one jump-scare away from an ex­pen­sive ac­ci­dent. For­got­ten Mem­o­ries has a fair few other tricks up its sleeve too though, bor­row­ing from clas­sic hor­ror games (par­tic­u­larly Silent Hill) for a great look­ing, though oc­ca­sion­ally frus­trat­ing, jour­ney into a creepy asy­lum. The light from your torch casts spooky shad­ows on the wall. Posed man­nequins add a grim touch. And yes, there are mon­sters in the dark. Of course there are.

As with the games it bor­rows from, this is of­ten where things go wrong – a mix of slug­gish and fid­dly touch con­trols that would rather be on a con­sole con­troller and a bizarrely out­dated save sys­tem where you have to find PCs to cre­ate check­points. Nei­ther is half as well im­ple­mented as the graph­ics, sound and won­der­fully creepy set­pieces, but soon come to over­shadow them.

For­got­ten Mem­o­ries does a great job of cre­at­ing an at­mos­phere and is a solid hor­ror game. It’s a shame it didn’t bor­row lessons from more re­cent of­fer­ings to smooth out the dif­fi­cul­ties of play­ing it, and al­low the in­ti­macy of touch­screen con­trol to bring the hor­ror closer in­stead of putting another bar­rier in front of it.

A gen­uinely spooky trip to the asy­lum, but the touch con­trols make the game less in­ti­mate than it could have been.

Okay, we’ll be run­ning in the other di­rec­tion now. Bye!

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