watchOS 2

Mac Format - - WWDC 2015 -

The big­gest change com­ing to Ap­ple Watch is apps be­ing able to run their logic on the Watch rather than an iPhone. This po­ten­tially speeds up apps and makes Ap­ple Watch more in­de­pen­dent; apps will be able to

2com­mu­ni­cate with known Wi-Fi net­works, and more di­rectly ac­cess hard­ware, in­clud­ing the Watch’s speaker, mic and Tap­tic En­gine.

The watch face is get­ting more cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions. De­vel­op­ers will be able to cre­ate their own com­pli­ca­tions to show, say, flight times or car bat­tery charge de­tails. Com­bined with the new Time Travel fea­ture – pre­view­ing your day by us­ing the Dig­i­tal Crown to tem­po­rar­ily ad­just the time – the watch face will be far more use­ful. And it will be more beau­ti­ful and per­sonal too, with new faces that show time-lapse videos of fa­mous land­marks, or your synced photos.

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