De­scrib­ing Wun­derlist as a list mak­ing app is a bit like de­scrib­ing Pho­to­shop as a

tool for edit­ing pho­to­graphs.

It is a list-mak­ing app, but oh,

what lists! You can use it to make any­thing from shop­ping lists to work sched­ules, and you can set alerts to re­mind you to per­form tasks. Lists can be shared with col­leagues and tasks del­e­gated, and you can even pub­lish them on the web for any­one to see when you send them the ad­dress.

Best of all, Wun­derlist on the Mac syncs with Wun­derlist on iOS, so you can cre­ate lists on one de­vice and have them im­me­di­ately – and we mean im­me­di­ately – avail­able on another. The iPhone ver­sion also in­cludes an app for Ap­ple Watch, which alerts you to tasks you need to com­plete. It’s also pos­si­ble to break down large tasks into sub­tasks. The Ac­tiv­ity Cen­ter alerts you as things hap­pen on lists that you share with oth­ers – say, when a task is del­e­gated to you.

Wun­derlist couldn’t be eas­ier to use and sports the kind of col­lab­o­ra­tive fea­tures and sync­ing tools you’d nor­mally have to pay a great deal for – Things, for ex­am­ple, charges you sep­a­rately for its Mac and iOS ver­sions, in or­der that you can sync them.

Wun­derlist looks great too, with a choice of pho­to­graphic back­grounds which work par­tic­u­larly well full-screen on the Mac. The app is quite sim­ply bril­liant. Get it.

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