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1 Adding text

You can change the page lay­out by click­ing the lit­tle pre­views in the Lay­out Op­tions pal­ette, and Photos will in­stantly change the lay­out while keep­ing that orig­i­nal photo on the page. You can use the stan­dard Undo com­mand to go back to the orig­i­nal lay­out if needed.

2 In con­trast

You can also change the page lay­out com­pletely. Scroll down in the Lay­out Op­tions pal­ette to see sev­eral lay­outs that use mul­ti­ple photos – up to 16 on a page. We’ll con­trast the two ver­ti­cal photos on the right-hand page with two hor­i­zon­tal photos on this left-hand page.


A long stretch

Keep scrolling down the Lay­out Op­tions pal­ette to see other lay­outs to experiment with, in­clud­ing text pages and even maps that you can zoom in on to show lo­ca­tions vis­ited. There are also some nice ‘spread’ lay­outs that al­low you to stretch photos right across two pages.

4 Keep­ing track

You can use the Add Photos com­mand to fetch more photos when­ever you want. To help keep track of your photos there’s also a set of menu com­mands that ad­just the tray so it only shows photos al­ready placed in the book, or only photos you haven’t used yet.

5 Adding pages

The stan­dard themes are all for books that have 20 in­side pages, plus front and back cov­ers. You can add ex­tra pages us­ing the com­mand shown here – and Photos will up­date the cost of the book. You can re­move pages as well, but you can’t drop be­low 20 pages.

6 Quick change

If you de­cide you’re not happy with the de­sign of your book, use this menu to change the en­tire for­mat, theme, or size of it. Any photos or text you’ve al­ready placed in the book will re­main in place, but you may need to tidy things up a bit to match the new page lay­outs.

7 Or­der book

When you’re happy with the de­sign you can press the Buy Book but­ton to place your or­der. Un­for­tu­nately, you’re only al­lowed to pay for your book with a credit or debit card. You can’t pay with iTunes gift cards or any ex­ist­ing credit on your iTunes ac­count.

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