HOWTO | set up Time Mac hine in OS X Server

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1 Cre­ate user ac­counts

Open Server from the Ap­pli­ca­tions folder. Se­lect Users un­der Ac­counts, then click + to set up an ac­count for another per­son who wants to back up to the server. Match their full name and ac­count name to the ac­count on their Mac. Set the Home Folder op­tion to ‘None – Ser­vices Only’, then click OK.

2 Choose who can back up

Op­tion­ally, you can re­strict which ac­counts can back up to the server. Se­lect Time Ma­chine un­der Ser­vices, then click Edit next to Per­mis­sions and se­lect ‘only some users’. Click the ‘+’ and en­ter the name of a user you want to grant ac­cess to the ser­vice. Re­peat this for all users who need it.

3 Pick a des­ti­na­tion for back­ups

With Time Ma­chine still se­lected un­der Ser­vices in the left-hand pane, flick the switch in the top-right cor­ner to ‘On’. You’ll be prompted to choose a des­ti­na­tion for your other Macs to store their back­ups. Click ‘Choose…’ to se­lect the drive and folder you want to use.

4 Set stor­age lim­its

You can pre­vent Macs run­ning OS X 10.9 or higher from us­ing up all avail­able space by en­abling ‘Limit each backup to’ and choos­ing the max­i­mum ca­pac­ity an in­di­vid­ual Mac can use. 500GB is sug­gested by de­fault; low­er­ing it lim­its how many back­ups (and file ver­sions) each Mac can keep.

5 Ready for ac­tion

Time Ma­chine’s sta­tus will in­di­cate your Mac is now able to act as a Time Ma­chine tar­get for other Macs on your net­work. Switch to another Mac, open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Time Ma­chine and click Se­lect Backup Disk. Your server Mac should be listed. Se­lect it and click Use Disk.

6 Au­then­ti­cate and back up

Your server Mac will ask for au­then­ti­ca­tion – this is the user­name and pass­word you cre­ated in step one, so if the user­name matches that of the lo­cal user ac­count, it’ll be en­tered by de­fault, leav­ing you to sim­ply en­ter the pass­word. Click Con­nect and this Mac will use the server for its back­ups.

7 Mon­i­tor and man­age

Once the ser­vice is up and run­ning, go to Ser­vices > Time Ma­chine and switch to the Back­ups tab, where you’ll see a list of con­nected Macs and the sta­tus of on­go­ing and com­plete back­ups. Dou­ble-click one to re­veal more de­tails about it, or right-click for an op­tion to ir­re­versibly delete it.

8 Man­age stor­age

Server’s Time Ma­chine ca­pa­bil­i­ties are scal­able. If it runs low on space, plug in a new drive and click the + but­ton on the Set­tings tab to set it as a des­ti­na­tion for your Macs to use for back­ups. Note that mul­ti­ple drives can be used for back­ups; Time Ma­chine will use all their avail­able ca­pac­ity.

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