HOWTO | Clip con­tent from Sa­fari

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1 Find some­thing to clip

Launch Sa­fari and go to the web page you want to clip con­tent from. We found in­struc­tions on con­fig­ur­ing an Air­Port Ex­treme router to act as a sec­ond router and want to save it. Tap the page, to dis­play the tool­bar along the bot­tom of the screen and tap the Share but­ton. If Ever­note isn’t dis­played in the top row, un­der Air­Drop, tap the More but­ton.

2 Add ac­tiv­ity

When you tap More, you’ll see a list of apps. Find Ever­note and tap the switch next to it to the on po­si­tion. If you’re likely to clip notes of­ten, tap on the three lines to the right of the switch, hold and drag it to the top of the list. Tap Done and the Ever­note icon will be on the list of op­tions. Tap it and you’ll see a note has been pop­u­lated with con­tent from the page.

3 Clip it

The main body of the note is the ti­tle of the web page. At the bot­tom is the name of the notebook where it’ll be stored. If you have more than one notebook in your ac­count and want to add it to a dif­fer­ent one, tap the name to choose it. Un­like the desk­top web clip­per, there are no op­tions for how the note is clipped, though you can edit the ti­tle. When you’re done, tap Save.

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