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1 Launch Ever­note

When you launch Ever­note, it dis­plays snip­pets of in­for­ma­tion based on re­cent ac­tiv­ity in the app. Along the top are quick ac­cess but­tons for adding notes, but be­low are sec­tions for Work Chat, re­cent notes, note­books, and short­cuts. You can cus­tomise that, how­ever. To get started, tap the cog icon next to the name of your ac­count in the top-left cor­ner.

2 Change home screen

From the Set­tings page, tap Cus­tom­ize Home Screen. You can change the colour theme from its de­fault green to a light or a dark grey. Then go to the Sec­tions area. The sec­tions ticked are those cur­rently on the Home Screen. To re­move one or more, tap the tick next to it. To add one, tap the empty cir­cle to the left of it. You can’t re­move Notes though.

3 Show sync sta­tus

To change the or­der el­e­ments are dis­played, tap and hold on the right of the one you want to move and drag it where you want it. In the De­tails sec­tion, switch el­e­ments on and off as re­quired, depend­ing on whether you want a sum­mary of the notes in a sec­tion or not. At the bot­tom of the screen is an op­tion to Show Sync Sta­tus. Switch it on if you think it use­ful.

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