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1 Set shar­ing pref­er­ences

Go to and choose a user­name and pass­word (you may need to cre­ate a free Ya­hoo! email ac­count). Next, in­stall the Flickr app from the App Store and add your ac­count de­tails when prompted. Add a pro­file photo then go to Set­tings > ‘Pri­vacy and safety’ to set your pri­vacy pref­er­ences. Turn on Photo Stream if you want photos from your iPhone to ap­pear on your iPad and in your Flickr ac­count.

2 Auto up­load­ing photos

Open the Flickr app on your iPad and you should see a mes­sage that all your photos have been synced us­ing Auto-Uploadr. Au­toU­ploadr can only work on a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion. If you’ve got an iPad with 3G or 4G and take lots of photos, it’s best to switch off Use 3G. Your Cam­era Roll shows the most re­cent thumb­nails and you can mark them as Faves or Public – the lat­ter al­lows other Flickr users to see them.

3 Adding more photos

A hefty iPad photo col­lec­tion can take an hour to upload to Flickr. If delet­ing photos from your iPad, make sure you’ve got a copy. If you’re shar­ing photos us­ing Photo Stream, im­ages deleted from your iPad won’t show up on your iPhone un­less they were taken with it. If you don’t want to add your whole col­lec­tion, open the Photos app on your iPad, tap Share then tap the Flickr icon to upload an im­age.

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