vis­ual guide | Ed­i­to­rial’s ma in screen

Be­hind these icons lie some very pow­er­ful tools in­deed – here’s what they do

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Edit­ing work­flows

Tap the span­ner to see a list of avail­able work­flows. From here, you can im­port more of them or cre­ate your own. You can also re­move work­flows you don’t need. You can change a work­flow’s name and icon, tag it and share it.

Ex­tended views

This arrow ac­cesses a screen where you can preview the cur­rent doc­u­ment, view Ed­i­to­rial’s com­pre­hen­sive doc­u­men­ta­tion, ac­cess the Con­sole and Scratch­pad, and visit web pages in Ed­i­to­rial’s built-in browser. The Scratch­pad en­ables ex­per­i­men­ta­tion with Python to cre­ate work­flows.

Book­marks bar

If you have a few work­flows you use regularly, you can book­mark them. They will be dis­played in this bar, mak­ing them easy to ac­cess. Work­flows are added from their in­for­ma­tion page, ac­cessed from the span­ner but­ton. It’s worth tak­ing time to give them a de­scrip­tive name and icon.

Switch doc­u­ments

This is where you open a doc­u­ment, ei­ther stored lo­cally or in Drop­box. You also cre­ate new Mark­down or text doc­u­ments from here. Doc­u­ments can be sorted by name or date, and or­gan­ised in fold­ers.

Doc­u­ment de­tails

Tap on the ti­tle of a doc­u­ment to see de­tails of its word and char­ac­ter counts. You’ll also see an out­line of the doc­u­ment, gen­er­ated from Mark­down head­ings. Tap the pen­cil icon that ap­pears to the right of the ti­tle to edit it, or the Drop­box icon (if it’s a lo­cal file) to copy it to your Drop­box ac­count.

Ed­i­to­rial’s key­board

The app’s key­board pro­vides a num­ber of use­ful short­cuts. At the far right of the top row is an undo but­ton. Tap the Snip­pets key to its left and you’ll be pre­sented with a list of text snip­pets to quickly in­sert into a doc­u­ment, in­clud­ing one which adds to­day’s date at the cur­sor when you type ‘ddd’.






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