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Like your Star Let­ter cor­re­spon­dent Ken­neth Watkins ( MF287), I had de­ferred up­grad­ing and was us­ing OS X Lion on a mid-2011 27-inch iMac, pur­chased ear­lier this year. Time Capsule started to mis­be­have, cul­mi­nat­ing in it start­ing all over again in March, with all pre­vi­ous back­ups no longer be­ing ac­ces­si­ble. It then in­sisted on spend­ing in­ter­minable hours in­dex­ing, while at the end of March the back­ups from early March be­came in­ac­ces­si­ble. The loss of the ear­lier back­ups was no big deal, as I also save about once a month on a sep­a­rate ex­ter­nal hard disk, but the on­go­ing in­dex­ing was a pain.

I re­cently up­graded my broad­band, so I de­cided to down­load Yosemite and all went well – al­most. The down­load took about 20 min­utes and then the in­stal­la­tion started, but stuck short of com­ple­tion. I left it that way for 12 hours while I ex­plored the op­tions. The gen­eral con­sen­sus seemed to be that if the process did not re­sume, the best thing to do was force a shut­down and, in most cases, you would (prob­a­bly) be okay and all would be well on restart. But my con­cern was that in my en­thu­si­asm to up­grade, I had omit­ted do­ing a full backup on the ex­ter­nal disk, so if there was a catas­tro­phe, and es­pe­cially if Time Capsule was mucked up, I could be in trou­ble.

So with great trep­i­da­tion, I forced the shut­down on the fol­low­ing morn­ing, started again, and waited very, very anx­iously. My Mac started, grad­u­ally sorted it­self out, and opened suc­cess­fully in Yosemite. I checked around, and ev­ery­thing seemed in or­der, all my stuff was still there and up to date and, won­der of won­ders, the Time Capsule back­ups from early March had reap­peared.

I’ve had no ma­jor is­sues with Yosemite or with most of the up­graded apps. There are some mi­nor is­sues with Photos, sub­sti­tut­ing for iPhoto, but I have re­trieved an older Pic­tures Li­brary and reckon go­ing through the process of mi­grat­ing that li­brary to Photos all over again may re­solve the prob­lems.

So I would say to Ken­neth Watkins, go ahead and up­grade if your ma­chine can ac­cept the up­grade. I had al­ways been slow to move for­ward, even back in the old pre-OS X days, but apart from when a very old ma­chine means that you have reached the up­grade limit, I will never again lag be­hind as I did over the last few years. Michael J. Walsh Alan Stone­bridge says… We’ve had many letters warn­ing of up­grade is­sues but we think the num­ber of them with Yosemite have been very few on the whole. We un­der­stand the frus­tra­tion with up­grad­ing to newer ver­sions of OS X but Ap­ple, on the whole, han­dles this well. It can be dis­con­cert­ing when an in­stall seems to have frozen and you have to use a brute-force mea­sure, but we’re glad it worked for you. It’s not rec­om­mended prac­tice though; the in­staller might seem to have failed but it sim­ply may not be fin­ished.

Re­mem­ber that OS X’s Re­cov­ery mode, paired with a full backup of your sys­tem made us­ing Time Ma­chine, can be used later if you’re con­cerned about some­thing that may have been lost dur­ing an up­date. This even en­ables you to roll back the sys­tem to an ear­lier ma­jor ver­sion of OS X.

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