MacBook add-ons Log­itech K480 Blue­tooth Multi-De­vice Key­board

Handy travel essen­tials to make even more of your Ap­ple notebook

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Plug Bug World

£40 Man­u­fac­turer Twelve South,

1 If you travel abroad, the ad­van­tage of this over Ap­ple’s World Travel Adapter Kit is with its USB wall charger. And it’s no or­di­nary charger: it has a passthrough power port that con­nects to a MacBook’s power adapter, en­abling your Mac and a USB de­vice to charge from a sin­gle wall socket – handy if your Mac’s ports can’t charge a Retina iPad. The Plug Bug is rated to 10W, so Retina iPads take a lit­tle longer to reach a full charge than with Ap­ple’s 12W adap­tor, though an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus charges faster.


£22 Man­u­fac­turer iSkel­ter, iskel­

2 This eco-friendly bam­boo stand is de­signed to be a por­ta­ble (at 155g) and min­i­mal­ist-look­ing with it’s two thin arms. It looks great and its strong mag­nets make the two halves snap to­gether and stay put when you throw into a bag. We’re us­ing with a MacBook that’s got an SSD in­side, but you might want to think twice if you’re ner­vous about such strong mag­nets near where the HDD is. It’s not ad­justable in any way ei­ther, so if you don’ t like the an­gle you’re stuck with it.

Nifty Mini Drive

£30 Man­u­fac­turer Nifty,

3 If your MacBook has an SD card reader that’s do­ing noth­ing for you, the Mini Drive puts it to good use. It’s a mi­cro SD card reader de­signed to fit in a MacBook’s built-in reader. Ours came with a 4GB card (some bun­dles in­clude 2GB), but you can swap it for a larger ca­pac­ity, en­abling you to boost your Mac’s built-in stor­age by as much as 100%. We found the Mini Drive a bit fid­dly to align with the slot but, un­like some ri­vals, you can in­sert a bun­dled tool into the trench on its edge to re­move and up­grade it.

£50 Man­u­fac­turer Log­itech, log­

4 This Blue­tooth key­board lets you type on your Mac, iPad or iPhone and switch be­tween them as and when you need to. It’s bulky and slightly toy­like, but has a tray to stand your de­vices at a com­fort­able an­gle, and there is room for an iPhone 6 Plus to sit along­side an iPad (both in the por­trait po­si­tion). The key­board is spa­cious and fea­tures an ar­ray of but­tons to con­trol your de­vices, such as screen­grab, lock and Home but­tons. It’s a lot louder than typ­ing on a stan­dard Ap­ple key­board, but it’s a great op­tion if you need to work with ease while out on your trav­els.

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