Turn phys­i­cal notes to dig­i­tal the easy way

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Make pa­per notes go dig­i­tal

£5.99 Devel­oper Creaceed,

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 1.0.1 If you find that writ­ing or draw­ing your plans out by hand helps you to get them in or­der, you’re far from alone. But stor­ing things dig­i­tally does tend to make them eas­ier to find and sort. Carbo bridges the gap be­tween these two, let­ting you take (or im­port) photos of draw­ings on pa­per or white­board, then digi­tis­ing them. It clears out things like the pa­per, leav­ing you with only the in­for­ma­tion it­self. It’s not the first app to try some­thing like this, but its re­sults are among the most im­pres­sive we’ve seen.

Snap a photo and it will de­tect the lines, which you can then ime­di­ately make stronger or softer – our writ­ing came out very weak at first, but tweak­ing the slider made it clear. Once you’ve grabbed the im­age, you can tag it, to make it easy to search for things re­lat­ing to a cer­tain pro­ject or topic, and you can store it lo­cally or in the cloud.

In this core func­tion­al­ity, Carbo is very strong. Where it falls short is in the other things you might want to do. There’s no hand­writ­ing sup­port, nor is there OCR for ex­tract­ing what notes say to an ed­itable for­mat.

You do have some edit­ing op­tions, in­clud­ing the abil­ity to high­light por­tions of notes, then tweak the se­lected lines. Get­ting used to high­light­ing can take a lit­tle while, but it’s po­ten­tially pow­er­ful.

Ex­port­ing is hid­den away too – it’s not a di­rect op­tion when view­ing a note – you have to tap the pal­ette icon, where you can ap­ply some styles be­fore ex­port. Again, nice, but a lit­tle an­noy­ing. Matt Bolton

Carbo show­cases some pretty amaz­ing tech­nol­ogy. In fact, with a few ad­di­tions it could be­come the notes app to own.

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