Tweet­bot for Twit­ter 2.0

It’s even bet­ter, but still isn’t quite the per­fect Twit­ter app

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Even bet­ter for chat­ter­boxes

£9.99 Devel­oper Tap­bots, tap­

Re­quires OS X 10.10 or higher Tweet­bot is a Twit­ter app worth pay­ing for, and this re­lease is another rea­son why Twit­ter’s of­fi­cial client re­mains ab­sent from our Macs. For starters, when us­ing Tweet­bot you don’t have to suf­fer through Twit­ter’s in­ces­sant ef­forts to wedge advertising or other un­wanted con­tent into our time­lines, but the abil­ity to dis­play mul­ti­ple col­umns side-by-side and have more gran­u­lar con­trol over Twit­ter’s no­ti­fi­ca­tions also makes this a worth­while in­vest­ment.

iPhone par­ity

Ver­sion 2.0 now fits in nicely along­side Ap­ple’s new OS X aes­thetic, while fi­nally catch­ing up with other fea­tures in­tro­duced over the last year or so in the iPhone ver­sion. (There’s still no sign of the promised iPad up­date, which is start­ing to buckle un­der the weight of re­cent Twit­ter changes.) This ver­sion also plays nicely with the latest quoted tweet style, and is ready for longer Di­rect Mes­sages once Twit­ter pulls the trig­ger.

Make no mis­take: this is largely a cos­metic and in­ter­face up­date, but the fact it’s free for ex­ist­ing cus­tomers (and now cheaper for new buy­ers) mostly makes up for the ab­sence of any hot new fea­tures. Avatars can now be dis­played as cir­cles or rounded squares with the op­tion to dis­play Twit­ter’s fa­mil­iar blue ‘ver­i­fied’ check mark, while the en­tire ap­pli­ca­tion has adopted a flat­ter ap­pear­ance with sup­port for sharper Retina dis­plays.

The big­gest caveat re­mains Tweet­bot’s ap­par­ent in­dif­fer­ence to­ward in­line media con­tent. Tweets with mul­ti­ple photos are now sup­ported, but there’s no way to dis­play them all at once, re­quir­ing a cum­ber­some ‘click, view, close’ rou­tine for each. There’s also still no way to watch in­line videos

It fits in nicely along­side Ap­ple’s new OS X aes­thetic, while fi­nally catch­ing up with fea­tures in­tro­duced in the iPhone ver­sion

(in­clud­ing GIFs), which go to your de­fault web browser in­stead. This would have been many users’ top pri­or­ity in this up­date.

Another new fea­ture that could use im­prove­ment is the grid of small icons that ap­pears when­ever a mes­sage is se­lected. These handy short­cuts for Re­ply, Retweet, Fa­vorite, and more prac­ti­cally re­quire a mag­ni­fy­ing glass to see on our 27-inch Thun­der­bolt Dis­play, although the Share but­ton is a welcome im­prove­ment for copy­ing or email­ing tweets, as well as sav­ing linked ar­ti­cles to ‘read later’ ser­vices.

Still, we haven’t seen a bet­ter Twit­ter client for the Mac and it will take a lot to per­suade us to move over to some­thing else. J.R. Book­wal­ter

Tweet­bot for Twit­ter fea­tures a flat­ter, Yosemite-style in­ter­face.

This ver­sion brings the ex­cel­lent photos view from the iPhone ver­sion to OS X.

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