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What is it? With all eyes on VR head­sets, you’d be for­given for think­ing that’s where ev­ery vir­tual re­al­ity com­pany is fo­cus­ing its ef­forts. But that would be to over­look the Gloveone, which pur­ports to let you feel vir­tual re­al­ity as well as see it When’s it due? Ship­ping Fe­bru­ary 2016 Why are we ex­cited? For as great as the idea of VR head­sets is, it’s an in­com­plete rep­re­sen­ta­tion of vir­tual re­al­ity. En­abling users to feel the en­vi­ro­ment around them through hap­tic feed­back is a step to­wards an im­mer­sive vir­tual world, rather than a rough vir­tual sim­u­la­tion, with ap­pli­ca­tions be­yond just gam­ing; such as med­i­cal and en­gi­neer­ing uses.

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