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Ac­cess web­site lo­gins and bank cards on all your Ap­ple de­vices

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Remembering lo­gin de­tails for a mul­ti­tude of web­sites isn’t easy. Pass­words ei­ther end up be­ing dif­fi­cult to re­mem­ber, or you make them so sim­ple that they’re easy for oth­ers to work out. But Sa­fari and many other web browsers can save your cre­den­tials so you can set a stronger pass­word and never have to me­morise it.

You might want to log in to the same web­sites on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or another Mac. iCloud Key­chain saves you the te­dious task of hav­ing to en­ter the same lo­gin de­tails on all of your de­vices. It can re­mem­ber bank card de­tails as well – but it won’t store the se­cu­rity code from the sig­na­ture strip. Ap­ple says that your iCloud key­chain is pro­tected with high- level 256-bit AES en­cryp­tion too.

With Key­chain set up, the first time you log in to a web­site from one of your de­vices, it’ll ask whether to record your de­tails. This isn’t com­pul­sory, and you might de­cline for sites that con­tain sen­si­tive data. How­ever, if you al­low de­tails to be stored, they’re synced to iCloud Key­chain. From there, they are sent to your other de­vices, sav­ing you the has­sle of hav­ing to type them. When you visit one of those sites in fu­ture, Sa­fari au­to­mat­i­cally fills in the lo­gin form. All you have to do is tap a but­ton to sub­mit your de­tails. When you set up iCloud Key­chain, you can cre­ate an iCloud Se­cu­rity Code, a four-digit code sim­i­lar to an iOS de­vice’s pass­code, or you can have a more com­plex code gen­er­ated for you. The iCloud Se­cu­rity Code is used to au­tho­rise ad­di­tional de­vices to use your iCloud Key­chain.

Key­chain saves you hav­ing to en­ter the same lo­gin de­tails on all of your de­vices

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