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Why move?

iCloud ac­counts come bun­dled with 5GB of stor­age – more than twice as much as you get with Drop­box. Bet­ter yet, its in­ti­mate con­nec­tion not only to OS X but also to iOS means that in many cases it’s eas­ier to ac­cess your files stored there on an iPhone or iPad than it is with Drop­box, for which you need to use the ded­i­cated Drop­box app or a third­party tool like Read­dle’s Doc­u­ments. For both of these rea­sons, it’s a good idea to con­sider mi­grat­ing from Drop­box to iCloud.

2 Tidy things up

Start with a lit­tle spring clean­ing. Drop­box’s free-form fil­ing sys­tem is so flex­i­ble that it’s easy to clut­ter it up with old doc­u­ments that you don’t need – par­tic­u­larly if you’ve been us­ing it as a dump­ing ground to share large files with other peo­ple! Spend some time go­ing through your files and copy­ing off any you don’t need to ac­cess re­motely any­more. The more you re­move, the less time the trans­fer will take and the less of your lim­ited iCloud stor­age you’ll use up.

3 Drag and drop

Open two Fin­der win­dows and po­si­tion them side by side. Nav­i­gate to your Drop­box folder in one and your iCloud Drive in the other, then se­lect the files you want to move across and drag them from Drop­box to iCloud. Bear in mind that you’re not drag­ging di­rectly from one cloud ser­vice to the other, but be­tween two syn­chro­nised lo­cal fold­ers, so although the ini­tial trans­fer may seem to com­plete quite quickly it won’t be re­flected on iCloud Drive on all your de­vices right away.

4 Fi­nalise your fil­ing

As we said ear­lier, some (not all) iCloud-aware apps on iOS can see no fur­ther than their own ded­i­cated folder. So, you’ll need to check how far you can browse iCloud Drive from within your iOS apps and, if they are lim­ited in this way, you’ll need to re-sort them into the re­spec­tive fold­ers within iCloud Drive for them to be vis­i­ble in those apps. OS X apps don’t have this prob­lem as you can nav­i­gate Drive’s folder struc­ture in the Fin­der to open files di­rectly in any com­pat­i­ble app.

5 Up­grade your ac­count

One of the ben­e­fits of mi­grat­ing your online stor­age from Drop­box to iCloud Drive is that you can take ad­van­tage of more gran­u­lar up­grade op­tions. Drop­box is the cheaper op­tion if you need to go to the max­i­mum 1TB (it costs £7.99 a month, com­pared to iCloud Drive’s £14.99). How­ever, that is Drop­box’s only up­grade op­tion, and for many users it’s too much. In that case, Ap­ple’s 20GB, 200GB or 500GB op­tions may be more ap­pro­pri­ate – and they start at 79p a month.

6 Share with­out Drop­box

Part of Drop­box’s ap­peal is the ease with which it lets you share files. It in­te­grates with the Fin­der, so you can right-click a file to share a link to the online copy. iCloud Drive doesn’t do this, and lacks the public file stores of its pre­de­ces­sor, iDisk, so most of the time files need to be shared by email, us­ing Mail Drop if nec­es­sary. In some apps, such as Ap­ple’s iWork suite, the Share menu lets you send a link to a file for col­lab­o­ra­tive or re­view pur­poses, and with pass­word pro­tec­tion.

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