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Affin­ity De­signer Use Affin­ity De­signer’s Boolean and brush tools to add ex­tra de­tail

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Use Affin­ity De­signer’s Boolean and brush tools to add ex­tra de­tail to your il­lus­tra­tions

In the third part of this se­ries we’ll bring our fish scene to life by adding var­i­ous de­tails, such as a fish leap­ing out of the wa­ter in an at­tempt to take a bit of the bait, which we thought would be rather fun to make an ap­ple! A fish tank isn’t a fish tank with­out a few lit­tle or­na­ments, so we’ll add an iMac to ours. The ea­gle-eyed amongst you will no­tice that we coloured ours Bondi Blue, which is the colour of the orig­i­nal iMac – which, in­ci­den­tally, is 17 years old this Au­gust!

In the process of cre­at­ing the iMac you’ll learn about De­signer’s Boolean oper­a­tions, and ap­ply sev­eral of them when adding the bait. Af­ter this, you’ll have the skills to cus­tomise the im­age fur­ther. Did you add a shark last time? Then why not use the Boolean tools to cre­ate a surf­board that the shark has taken a bite out of!

We’ll also re­visit brushes to help you, err, brush up on your skills. De­signer has some very good built-in brushes, which we’ll use, though you can cre­ate your own too. De­signer sup­ports a large num­ber of im­age types, in­clud­ing JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF. As with the Booleans, you can experiment with them to re­ally make your fish tank il­lus­tra­tion unique. There’s even a brush for mak­ing chain that’s per­fect for adding an an­chor! James Robin­son

De­signer’s Boolean oper­a­tions and brushes give you the skills to cus­tomise the im­age fur­ther

You’ll use Boolean tools to add or­na­ments to the tank and a fish­ing line with a fa­mous logo as the bait.

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