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Full-screen email

1 In El Cap­i­tan, Mail lets you “jug­gle all your email con­ver­sa­tions”, which means you can hide the email com­poser in full-screen mode, and switch be­tween in-progress mes­sages by us­ing tabs. Air­mail (£7.99, air­mailapp.com) keeps things sim­pler – replies and new mes­sages in full-screen mode are stan­dard win­dows, which can be po­si­tioned wher­ever you like (and moved very rapidly when us­ing a win­dow man­ager).

Ges­tu­ral con­trols

2 The next ver­sion of Mail takes a cue from iOS, sup­port­ing touch ges­tures for man­ag­ing email. Swipe right to mark emails as read or un­read, left to delete them. Air­mail matches Mail’s left­wards swipe to delete an item; swip­ing the other way, though, is for ar­chiv­ing. Note that if you swipe too far, the ac­tion ap­pears ir­re­versible un­less you quit the app be­fore re­leas­ing the track­pad.

Email re­minders

3 Mail­box (free, mail­boxapp.com) is also big on ges­tu­ral con­trol, but has more tricks up its sleeve than Ap­ple’s up­dated Mail app. Swipe right to mark an email as read, but swipe fur­ther and a green tick be­comes a red cross for dele­tion. Swipe left to de­fine a re­minder to deal with the email, rang­ing from a spe­cific date, to the pro­cras­ti­na­tion-ori­ented ‘Later To­day’. Our favourite op­tion: ‘Some­day’.

Mouse Lo­ca­tor

4 In El Cap­i­tan, you’ll be able to wig­gle the cur­sor to find where it’s hid­ing. We couldn’t find an ex­ist­ing app to mimic that, but some util­i­ties do make lo­cat­ing the cur­sor a sim­pler task. Mouse Lo­ca­tor (2point5­fish.com) isn’t el­e­gant, but it’s free and works fine. Once ac­ti­vated, press a user-de­fined hot key to sur­round your cur­sor with green cir­cles, or op­tion­ally dis­play them af­ter a pre-set de­lay.

More mouse tools

5 In many ways, Pin­Point (£3.99, la­gen­te­soft.com) is a re­fined and fea­ture-packed ver­sion of Mouse Lo­ca­tor. It still can’t ape the up­com­ing OS X ‘wig­gle to find’ ges­ture, but you can choose from a range of point­ers and sizes. Hand­ily, it also of­fers a short­cut to move the pointer to the cen­tre of the screen. Mouse­posé (£7.99, boinx.com) is another op­tion; it’s geared to­wards pre­sen­ta­tions, with mouse-click high­lights and a ‘vir­tual laser pointer’ mode.

Gi­ant cur­sors

6 If you just fancy a big­ger cur­sor (al­beit a per­ma­nently ‘al­ways on’ big­ger cur­sor), you can get it us­ing Sys­tem Pref­er­ences. In Ac­ces­si­bil­ity, se­lect Dis­play and drag the ‘Cur­sor size’ slider to the right. The ‘Large’ set­ting is in fact more like ‘enor­mous’, but you might find a notch or two along helps you lo­cate the pointer more easily, which should be a de­cent stop­gap un­til El Cap­i­tan ar­rives.

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