Are my fans too loud?

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There are times when my Late 2011 15-inch MacBook Pro’s fans seem to run at full speed with only iPhoto, Pho­to­shop and a web browser open. The Mac has a very slim case on it, which does not in­ter­fere with the vents at the back. Is this a known is­sue? Martin Wil­liams Pho­to­shop can be de­mand­ing on the graph­ics pro­ces­sor if you are ap­ply­ing com­plex fil­ters to a batch of im­ages. Lap­tops al­ways strug­gle more with cool­ing than desk­tops, be­cause there’s much less room for air­flow in­side. Your MacBook Pro has two fans on its moth­er­board, and it’s pos­si­ble that one of them has failed, which would make the re­main­ing one work overtime. Even if both are work­ing, dust grad­u­ally ac­cu­mu­lates on the fan blades and on the moth­er­board it­self, re­duc­ing cool­ing ef­fi­ciency.

Search for how to open up your Mac. If a fan is faulty, you can of­ten find re­place­ments on eBay. Most likely, all you need to do is give the in­side a good blow to get rid of the worst of the dust and then put the case back on. Don’t use a vac­uum cleaner as these can gen­er­ate static elec­tric­ity than can harm the elec­tron­ics. Com­pressed air cans are safer.

TechTool Pro ( can test whether your Mac’s fans are still op­er­a­tional.

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