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Mac Format - - MAC AOA - by Luis Vil­la­zon Luis Vil­la­zon also has an idea for a vir­tual re­al­ity watch, ten­ta­tively called the Ocu­lus Wrist.

I’m not tempted by the Ap­ple Watch. I’m wait­ing for it ei­ther to get a killer na­tive app, or for it to re­place my phone en­tirely. In the mean­time, I’d like Ap­ple to make a desk. In­stead of selling me a tiny screen that I wear on my wrist, make me a gi­nor­mous one that is re­cessed into a ta­ble. I want some­thing per­haps half as big again as the Thun­der­bolt Dis­play, and make it a touch­screen.

On the left there will be a lit­tle slot I can feed A4 sheets into, where­upon both sides will be scanned and the pa­per is shred­ded. I’ll drag the dig­i­tal copies around the screen, with my

I want Ap­ple to make me a desk, so I can pre­tend to be Judi Dench

photos, web pages and emails, so I can pre­tend to be Judi Dench in Sky­fall. In other words, I want the desk­top com­puter to stop be­ing a metaphor and start ac­tu­ally be­ing a desk­top. Nat­u­rally it would need to have su­per-scratch­proof glass, be­cause I want to be able to put my cof­fee cup on it. In fact, I want it to be able to de­tect my cof­fee cup and move pages out of the way. And maybe keep track of the cup’s tem­per­a­ture too in the Pro ver­sion.

Ob­vi­ously, this would be fab­u­lously ex­pen­sive, but I’d jus­tify it as a busi­ness ex­pense, based on all the SOS ques­tions I’d get about it from all of you. Be­cause there seems to be a di­rect cor­re­la­tion be­tween how big the screen is on an Ap­ple de­vice, and how much mail I get about it. Which might be why I’m still wait­ing for my first reader’s ques­tion about the Ap­ple Watch.

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