Is some­one else us­ing my Wi-Fi?

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My in­ter­net con­nec­tion kept drop­ping and our provider sug­gested that the mo­dem was the prob­lem. It sent a new one but now I get an oc­ca­sional mes­sage that says another de­vice is us­ing my Wi-Fi link, and I can­not con­nect. Af­ter about 15 min­utes it’s fine. My iPad, MacBook Pro, and a Time Capsule con­nect over Wi-Fi.

The provider ad­vised re­boot­ing the mo­dem, but this didn’t fix things. Then it sug­gested “re­name your IP ad­dress” but that con­fused me. The prob­lem mainly oc­curs when I close the lid on my MacBook Pro; it’s when I re­open it that the prob­lem seems to oc­cur. Peter Dur­rant It’s pos­si­ble two de­vices on your net­work are try­ing to use the same man­u­ally-con­fig­ured (static) IP ad­dress. Your sit­u­a­tion can also oc­cur when the pool of IP ad­dresses, as­signed dy­nam­i­cally by your router us­ing DHCP, over­laps with the static ad­dress of just one de­vice, or when two de­vices act as DHCP servers with over­lap­ping ad­dress ranges. Next time you see the mes­sage, open Ter­mi­nal and type sudo ip­con­fig set en1 BOOTP, press ® , en­ter your pass­word. Next, type sudo ip­con­fig

set en1 DHCP, press ® and en­ter your pass­word again.

This should tell your router to give you a new IP ad­dress. If your in­ter­net con­nec­tion sud­denly works, the is­sue was a con­flict­ing ad­dress; set ev­ery de­vice to use DHCP or man­u­ally give each a unique static ad­dress. DHCP is sim­pler if you add de­vices later.

Re­fer to your mo­dem’s man­ual to set it to is­sue IP ad­dresses us­ing DHCP. Next, in OS X’s Net­work pref­er­ences, se­lect Wi-Fi, click Ad­vanced, then TCP/IP and choose DHCP. In iOS, tap Set­tings > Wi-Fi, tap the ‘i’ next to your net­work name and tap DHCP.

For best re­sults, set ev­ery de­vice on your net­work to use DHCP so it’s dy­nam­i­cally given an ad­dress.

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