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For a long time now I have used iPhoto very hap­pily, and have ac­cessed and recorded my pic­tures by us­ing their ti­tles (such as P10345) as they come off my cam­eras. I have been ex­plor­ing Photos, and find that it dis­plays my pic­tures with­out ti­tles. When I choose View > Meta­data > Ti­tles, the rows of pic­tures move apart to al­low space for ti­tles to be shown, but no ti­tles ap­pear.

Fur­ther ex­plo­ration re­vealed that the ti­tles were ac­tu­ally con­tained in the info (Win­dow > Info) for each pic­ture, and I could copy those ti­tles and paste them be­low the cor­re­spond­ing pic­tures. Fine, but do I have to go through thou­sands of pic­tures in­di­vid­u­ally copy­ing and past­ing each ti­tle into its ‘cor­rect’ place? Ivor M Cleves The ‘ti­tles’ that come from the cam­era are ac­tu­ally the file­names of each photo as it is stored on the mem­ory card. If you didn’t type any­thing into the ti­tle field your­self, iPhoto would dis­play the file­name in­stead. This can look ugly and of­ten doesn’t help to or­gan­ise your im­ages, so Photos just shows a blank in­stead.

To rem­edy this you need an Ap­pleScript to it­er­ate through all the im­ages in your li­brary and copy the file­name over to the ti­tle, if the ti­tle is cur­rently blank. There’s a sim­ple script to do this at dis­cus­sions.ap­ (back up your li­brary first). Make a Ser­vice in Au­toma­tor and paste the script into a Run Ap­pleScript ac­tion. Once saved, you can run the ser­vice from Photos > Ser­vices when­ever you im­port new photos.

You can hack some of the old iPhoto be­hav­iour into Photos with a com­bi­na­tion of Au­toma­tor and Ap­pleScript.

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