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I have a Mac Pro run­ning OS X 10.9.5 and In­De­sign CS6 ver­sion 8.1. My client has up­graded to Yosemite and they are now un­able to open my files. I’ve found a way round this prob­lem by sav­ing the file as IDML, then open­ing the IDML file and sav­ing it as an In­De­sign file which they can open, but this is time con­sum­ing when send­ing a large num­ber of files. Peter But­ler Is your client run­ning the same ver­sion of In­De­sign as you? Newer ver­sions can open files cre­ated on an older ver­sion of In­De­sign but if you’re go­ing the other way, you nor­mally need to ex­port to In­De­sign Markup Lan­guage (IDML) for­mat so that the older ver­sion can read it. If you are both on the same ver­sion then your files have prob­a­bly be­come cor­rupted in some way. Drag the con­tents of ~/ Li­brary/Pref­er­ences/ Adobe In­De­sign to trash and try sav­ing as nor­mal again.

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