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Since up­grad­ing my iMac from Mav­er­icks to 10.10.3, it crashes ev­ery time it sleeps. It’s dif­fi­cult to wake, need­ing sev­eral goes with the power but­ton, and I get the ker­nel panic mes­sage. I en­abled ‘Pre­vent com­puter from sleep­ing au­to­mat­i­cally when the dis­play is off’ in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences and this has (tem­po­rar­ily?) fixed the prob­lem. Any ad­vice on a proper fix for this? Ken Shifrin The crash is prob­a­bly hap­pen­ing when the iMac wakes up, rather than when it goes to sleep. If you get as far as a cur­sor on a black screen, this may be caused by an au­to­matic up­date that hasn’t fin­ished. Press the power but­ton for 10 sec­onds, then restart with ß held down un­til you see the Ap­ple logo. Once the cur­sor ap­pears, en­ter your user­name’s first let­ter (if you have more than one ac­count), type your pass­word blind and hit ® . This should get you past the lo­gin screen, so the up­date can com­plete.

If you don’t even see the cur­sor, it’s more likely a RAM fault. I’ve seen three Macs refuse to wake from sleep since up­grad­ing to Yosemite, and all were re­stored to life with new RAM. Use the Ad­vi­sor tool at http://uk.cru­ to find the right kind. Rather than play mu­si­cal chairs with the old mod­ules, I ad­vise re­plac­ing all of them.

If your Mac crashes when it wakes from sleep, it’s bet­ter to find out why than turn off sleep mode.

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