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When I ran Photos for the first time on my MacBook Air, it ran through some process of im­port­ing pic­tures from iPhoto. I can see thumb­nails of them in my li­brary, but if I try to view one larger, I just get a grey tri­an­gle with an ex­cla­ma­tion mark in it. I can still view all of my pic­tures in iPhoto. What has gone wrong? Alan Sto­vold This used to hap­pen oc­ca­sion­ally in iPhoto as well. Both the Photos and iPhoto li­braries are es­sen­tially data­bases that store the orig­i­nal im­ages, edited ver­sions and thumb­nails in dif­fer­ent fold­ers. It’s pos­si­ble to lose the con­nec­tion be­tween the thumb­nail and the orig­i­nal.

Open Photos > Pref­er­ences and check the lo­ca­tion of your li­brary. It’s nor­mally in ~/Pic­tures. ≈- click that folder and click Get Info. Check that you have read and write per­mis­sions for it, and do the same for the li­brary file as well. If any­thing looks amiss there, open Disk Util­ity, se­lect your startup disk, click First Aid, then Re­pair Per­mis­sions.

If your per­mis­sions are in or­der, then the bro­ken link be­tween the thumb­nails and the im­ages must lie in the Photos li­brary. Hold ç+å as you open Photos. This will of­fer to re­pair the li­brary, which will recre­ate all the sup­port files and data­base en­tries for each im­age. If even this doesn’t work, close Photos, delete its li­brary file, re­open Photos and reim­port ev­ery­thing from iPhoto again.

Tucked away in Photos is an op­tion to re­pair its li­brary, which can fix bro­ken con­nec­tions to im­ages.

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