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Five weird key­board short­cuts that doc­tors hate. Num­ber four will blow your mind!

Add emoji to your tweets and emails quickly by hold­ing ≈+ç and press­ing the space­bar. This dis­plays a panel with icons di­vided into cat­e­gories. There are use­ful bullet points and greek sym­bols there too. You can drag this panel away from the win­dow you’re work­ing in to keep it open (in the cur­rent app only), giv­ing you even quicker ac­cess to un­usual char­ac­ters when you need to type many. You can in­vert the colours on the screen with ≈+å+ç+8. This colour scheme can be more rest­ful at night, when am­bi­ent light is lower. You need to en­able this short­cut in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Key­board > Short­cuts > Ac­ces­si­bil­ity > In­vert Col­ors first though. In­stead of man­u­ally drag­ging files to the trash, or ≈- click­ing and se­lect­ing Move to Trash, you can sim­ply se­lect files and hit ç+∫ to trash them. Need to type an ac­cent or another di­a­crit­i­cal mark? Don’t bother try­ing to guess which mod­i­fier key com­bi­na­tion will do the trick. In­stead, just hold down which­ever let­ter needs the mark and a pop-up with all the al­ter­na­tives will ap­pear. If your key­board lacks a ∂ (Delete) key, press ƒ+∫ deletes char­ac­ters to the right of the in­ser­tion point.

All the di­a­crit­i­cal marks you need are just a long key press away at any mo­ment.

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