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Q What’s the best way to move photos from my Win­dows PC to my iPad? I have about 600 pic­tures that I’d like to trans­fer. Is it bet­ter to send them to my iMac and sync from there, or can it be done di­rectly? John Greeves

A Pro­vided your iPad is run­ning at least iOS 8.3 and you’ve turned on iCloud Photo Li­brary (in Set­tings > Photos & Cam­era), you can trans­fer your photos to the iPad by sign­ing in to on your PC and click­ing Photos then Upload at the top of the page. Since you have so many photos, it might be re­as­sur­ing to upload photos in small batches in case any­thing goes wrong part way through. The photos will au­to­mat­i­cally ap­pear in the Photos app on your iPad.

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