Mu­si­cal Fi­delity MF200B

Bal­anced head­phones for the bud­get-con­scious lis­tener

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£250 Man­u­fac­turer Mu­si­cal Fi­delity, mu­si­cal­fi­

Im­ped­ance 64ohm Ca­ble Length 1.3m Plug Type Four-pin lock­ing con­nec­tor

Mu­si­cal Fi­delity makes a range of higher-end au­dio­phile hi-fi com­po­nents and the MF200B is its latest re­lease, aim­ing to bring bal­anced head­phones to the more cost-con­scious end of the mar­ket.

Bal­anced head­phones use sep­a­rate left and right sides of the stereo im­age rather than the ‘cross­over’ found in most, un­bal­anced mod­els. The idea is that main­tain­ing the pu­rity of each side leads to a clearer and more ac­cu­rate sound­stage. A con­se­quence of this is that these head­phones have a fourpin dock­ing con­nec­tor and so must be used with a com­pat­i­ble, bal­anced amp. Be aware that they will not work with a reg­u­lar head­phone port.

The two sides of the head­phones ex­tend but even fully ex­tended might be un­com­fort­ably tight for larger heads. The ca­ble is long and sturdy and, as noted, needs to be con­nected to a bal­anced amp. We used the com­pany’s V90-BHA model which is com­pact and can be con­nected to a com­puter or a hi-fi, and does also have a reg­u­lar head­phone jack. There was plenty of vol­ume and the bass end was rich and well-fo­cussed, more so than ex­pected from quite small, on-ear cups such as these. The mid range, how­ever, felt quite harsh and overem­pha­sised. Hollin Jones

The bal­anced de­sign sep­a­rates stereo chan­nels for a more ac­cu­rate sound­stage. A de­cent set of head­phones, but out­per­formed by un­bal­anced mod­els with a more even sonic char­ac­ter.

Great stereo sound­stage

Rich and fo­cussed bass

Overly bright mid range

Re­quires com­pat­i­ble amp

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