Un­tidy ca­bles are not a prob­lem on Chris­tian’s desk any­more!

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We all buy in to the Ap­ple aes­thetic of a min­i­mal­ist desk space, dom­i­nated by a shiny Mac, a dock for our iOS de­vices, and hope­fully not a lot else. The fact is, though, we have a lot more stuff than that all vy­ing for its right­ful po­si­tion on our desks, and not that much of it is truly wire­less yet. So, un­tidy ca­bles are still a prob­lem and that’s why CableDrops from Bluelounge (bluelounge. com) are about as per­fect an ana­logue so­lu­tion as you can get for now.

CableDrops are lit­tle plas­tic hold­ers ba­si­cally, which af­fix to desks, walls and, well, any­where re­ally, to keep your ca­bles in place. Just pull back the sticky tab and voila! The good news is that they come in two dif­fer­ent sizes too, Ca­ble­Drop (for Thun­der­bolt and 30-pin Dock to USB ca­bles) and Ca­ble­Drop Mini (for Light­ning and Mi­cro-USB ca­bles). They work for plenty of other things too, such as hold­ing a pair of Ap­ple’s EarPods, your MacBook’s charg­ing cable, or even a pen or sty­lus.

We love it when we find such sim­ple so­lu­tions to all too com­mon prob­lems, and at about £8 for a pack of six from Ama­zon, there’s lit­tle rea­son not to give them a try. Be­cause, let’s face it, wires are go­ing to be with us for some time yet!

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