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£90 Man­u­fac­turer Cowin, cow­in­mu­

3 The ‘Light­ning mode’ on this por­ta­ble Blue­tooth speaker refers to its vi­bra­tion fea­ture, al­low­ing it to thump in time with your mu­sic, the idea be­ing it turns any flat sur­face into a speaker. The vi­bra­tion does make a small dif­fer­ence by adding ex­tra oomph to bass notes, but it means mu­sic feels rather empty when in nor­mal mode. The Thun­der’s sound qual­ity is gen­er­ally dis­ap­point­ing; while it works best when blar­ing bass-heavy gen­res like hip hop, its mud­died mid ranges make rock and punk sound very messy. Alex Blake

The Thun­der is a nice idea that is ul­ti­mately let down by its poor sound qual­ity. Its vi­bra­tion could also be stronger.

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