Drop Test

Are these drives as tough as they look?

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At first glance, it’s the big, chunky drives from La­Cie and G-Tech that would seem to be the most sturdy and rugged. That’s not al­ways the case, though. De­spite its shock-ab­sorb­ing rub­ber sleeve, La­Cie quotes a drop-test height of just 1.5m for its Rugged RAID drive. The ar­mour-plated G-Drive goes slightly fur­ther at 2m, but that height is still matched by the far less im­pos­ing Freecom Tough Drive. In fact, it’s the rather con­ven­tional de­sign of Buf­falo’s MiniS­ta­tion Ex­treme that makes the bold­est claim, quot­ing a height of 2.3m. The weak­ling of the group would ap­pear to be Tran­scend’s StoreJet 100, which looks like an or­di­nary por­ta­ble hard drive wrapped in a thin rub­ber pouch, and only claims to be able to sur­vive a drop of 1.22m. In the end, re­gard­less of size and ap­pear­ance, all five drives sur­vived a drop from a height of 2m with no prob­lems at all (and af­ter we had run other tests of course). La­Cie did add that the Rugged RAID could sur­vive a one ton ve­hi­cle driv­ing over it, but we didn’t have one to hand so we’ll take their word for that par­tic­u­lar test.

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