Wa­ter And Dust

Stay­ing safe, come rain or shine

Mac Format - - RATED -

As well as sur­viv­ing shocks and drops, these rugged drives also need to with­stand wa­ter and dust when they’re ex­posed to the great out­doors. Three of the drives quote spe­cific IP rat­ings - IP54 for the Freecom Tough Drive and La­Cie Rugged RAID, and IP53 for the Buf­falo MiniS­ta­tion Ex­treme. Those rat­ings in­di­cate that the drives of­fer lim­ited - but not com­plete - pro­tec­tion from dust, spilled liq­uids or splashed wa­ter. All three drives coped with our shower spray test, but they’re not 100% dust or wa­ter­tight so they may not sur­vive if they are fully sub­merged un­der wa­ter.

The Tran­scend StoreJet 100 doesn’t quote an IP rat­ing at all, and its ex­posed USB port is clearly a weak spot, so we def­i­nitely wouldn’t want to risk that drive on a sandy, wet beach. G-Tech doesn’t give an iP rat­ing for its G-Drive ei­ther, but does say that its pro­tec­tive case can sur­vive in one foot of wa­ter for up to 30 sec­onds, and is also light enough to float up to the sur­face. This was the only drive that we tested by fully sub­merg­ing it in the bath - with no ad­verse ef­fects at all.

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