TextE xpander 5

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$44.95 (about £30) Devel­oper SmileOnMyMac, smilesoftware.com

Re­quires OS X 10.10 or higher Tex­tEx­pander en­ables you to de­fine phrase short­cuts that, when typed, it re­places with some other con­tent – that can be a spell­ing cor­rec­tion, emoji, a multi-line ad­dress, a snip­pet of code, or a com­bi­na­tion of text and im­ages. You might set ‘;esig’ to ex­pand to your email sig­na­ture, or use ‘rrecy­cle’ to write the Unicode char­ac­ter for the uni­ver­sal re­cy­cling sym­bol.

Ad­vanced snip­pets in­clude op­er­a­tors and place­hold­ers, so you can use a short­cut to en­ter to­day’s date, or boil­er­plate text with place­hold­ers you quickly com­plete in a float­ing win­dow.

The app’s per­for­mance proved solid and snappy through­out test­ing, boost­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity, which this re­lease aims to boost with sug­ges­tions. It mon­i­tors your in­put and no­ti­fies when you could have saved time by us­ing a short­cut; it also sug­gests new snip­pets. The for­mer is great, but the lat­ter too of­ten rec­om­mends very short, com­monly-used phrases, which we didn’t find that help­ful. Craig Grannell

Still one of the finest pro­duc­tiv­ity aids on the Mac, although the flag­ship new fea­ture needs some work.

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