TechTool Pro 8

This di­ag­nos­tic and re­pair tool just be­came even more use­ful

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$99.99 (about £63) Devel­oper Micromat,

Re­quires OS X 10.8 or higher TechTool Pro has long been the go-to di­ag­nos­tic, re­pair and re­cov­ery tool for your Mac, a po­ten­tial life­saver in just about any sit­u­a­tion short of your Mac in­ter­nally com­bust­ing. It’s close to the com­plete so­lu­tion, and ver­sion 8 packs in more tests while im­prov­ing key as­pects of the suite – such as in­te­grat­ing the por­ta­ble ProToGo tool in the main in­ter­face.

The pro­gram’s Tests sec­tion is now over­flow­ing with ways to mon­i­tor the health of your Mac, with the pro­gram now able to check just about any sen­sor in your Mac in ad­di­tion to the core ones. Ver­sion 8 also adds new tests for fans and MacBook bat­ter­ies too.

The Tools sec­tion re­mains largely un­changed – it’s where you’ll find the es­sen­tial eDrive cre­ator, which pro­vides a re­cov­ery en­vi­ron­ment with ac­cess to all of TechTool’s func­tion­al­ity should your Mac stop boot­ing. You’ll also find a num­ber of re­pair and re­cov­ery util­i­ties here, fo­cussed mainly on your hard drive, but video and au­dio hard­ware too.

The suite is rounded off with its Sys­tem Pref­er­ences Pro­tec­tion pane, which takes snap­shots that can aid in data re­cov­ery. We also like the pro­gram’s built-in disk imag­ing tools, which you’ll need to use prior to any of these tools – in the past, some users have com­plained of data cor­rup­tion how­ever.

If you’re an ex­ist­ing user, then TechTool Pro 8 is worth up­grad­ing for the new tests alone. Nick Peers

Give your Mac a thor­ough health check with TechTool Pro’s di­ag­nos­tic tools.

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