Now you can make playlists even more per­sonal, and lis­ten to cu­rated col­lec­tions

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You can add a photo, or art­work made cre­ated us­ing an app like Pix­el­ma­tor, to make your playlists even more per­sonal

You might think there’s lit­tle else Ap­ple can do with playlists, but Ap­ple Mu­sic’s so­cial side means there are new fea­tures worth know­ing about.

Cus­tom art­work

When you cre­ate a playlist (ei­ther on iOS or in iTunes on a Mac), there are a cou­ple of new per­son­al­i­sa­tions you can make be­sides its name. If you’re go­ing to share the playlist, you might want to fill out a de­scrip­tion for oth­ers to read. Tap the cam­era on the art­work place­holder to add your own art­work – ei­ther by tak­ing a new photo, or by pick­ing art­work you’ve al­ready stored in the Photos app.

Share a playlist

You can share a link to a playlist on so­cial net­works or pri­vately by tap­ping the More Op­tions but­ton next to a playlist in the master list of them, or the Share icon if you’ve al­ready tapped through to see one’s con­tents. When you choose Share Playlist, the preview will in­clude your as­signed art­work, but Face­book cur­rently just dis­plays ‘Con­nect­ing to the iTunes Store’, so it’s wise to re­place the sta­tus up­date the app pro­vides to ex­plain to peo­ple what the link will take them to.

Re­cently added

Just like the My Mu­sic view, there’s a short­cut to re­cently added playlists – your own and those cu­rated by Ap­ple Mu­sic’s staff (in the For You page). To save an Ap­ple Mu­sic playlist from the For You page so it’s easily ac­ces­si­ble here in fu­ture, tap the More Op­tions but­ton above the playlist’s de­scrip­tion and choose Add to My Mu­sic.

Playlist man­age­ment

You can cre­ate fold­ers to or­gan­ise your playlists us­ing iTunes on a Mac or a PC; the Edit but­ton above the list of them on iOS just lets you delete things, but with iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary turned on, ef­fort from your Mac is synced to your iOS de­vices. (You still can’t make Smart Playlists on iOS ei­ther.)

Fil­ter your playlists

By de­fault, both your playlists and those cre­ated by Ap­ple Mu­sic’s staff to which you’ve sub­scribed are shown. Though you can’t file them in fold­ers on iOS, tap­ping All Playlists above the list prunes what’s shown to just the type you want to search through.

Cu­rated playlists are a ma­jor as­pect of Ap­ple Mu­sic, and you can get in on the act by shar­ing yours – com­plete with cus­tom art­work and de­scrip­tions.

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