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Get more out of iCloud Drive with these es­sen­tial tips

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Con­trol the f low of data

If you’re on a con­tract with a lim­ited data al­lowance, you need to keep an eye on which of your apps use iCloud Drive. In Set­tings > iCloud > iCloud Drive you can stop in­di­vid­ual apps us­ing Drive al­to­gether, but it’s bet­ter to scroll to the bot­tom of the list and turn off Use Mo­bile Data to re­strict all apps to only ac­cess­ing iCloud Drive over Wi-Fi, which is usu­ally un­metered, or at least more gen­er­ously pro­vi­sioned. This is par­tic­u­larly use­ful if you’re roam­ing on a for­eign net­work where higher data charges and lower caps will al­most al­ways ap­ply. Re­mem­ber, you can re­view how much mo­bile data apps have used by scrolling down in Set­tings > Mo­bile, and re­strict them to Wi-Fi, though for all com­mu­ni­ca­tion, not just Drive.

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