QUICK LOOK | Get sta rted with iCloud Photo Shar­ing

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Pick photos to share

1 We’re us­ing Ap­ple’s Photos app. The first step isn’t to cre­ate an al­bum, but to se­lect the photos you want to share from any­where in your li­brary.

iCloud Photo Shar­ing

2 With the photos you want to share se­lected, click the Share but­ton (it shows an arrow pop­ping ver­ti­cally out of a box) and pick iCloud Photo Shar­ing.

Con­fig­ure the al­bum

3 Name the al­bum and then spec­ify who to share it with. In­vi­ta­tions can be sent to some­one’s email ad­dress or a phone num­ber used for iMes­sage.


4 Add a lit­tle cov­er­ing mes­sage to give some con­text and then click Cre­ate!

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