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1 Set up your ac­count and fam­ily

Go to and sign up for a new ac­count. You can choose to sign up us­ing Face­book but since it’s not pre­pos­ter­ous to as­sume at least one rea­son peo­ple might go down this route is that they’re a lit­tle un­com­fort­able with Face­book, sign­ing up for a clean 23snaps ac­count is prob­a­bly prefer­able. Once you’re signed in, go into your ac­count set­tings, click My Fam­ily in the side­bar on the left, then add your part­ner if you have one (they will be sent an email prompt­ing them to sign up for an ac­count) and your chil­dren’s de­tails – whom you can later tag in up­dates.

2 In­vite more friends and fam­ily

Your part­ner gets spe­cial priv­i­leges to post to your fam­ily timeline just like you can, but your next step will prob­a­bly be to add the friends and fam­ily you want to share your news with. You do this by click­ing My Con­nec­tions in the set­tings page’s left side­bar, then ei­ther en­ter­ing one email ad­dress at a time (with an op­tional cov­er­ing note) and send­ing in­vi­ta­tions, or by im­port­ing from an ad­dress book such as Gmail’s. When the re­cip­i­ent clicks the ‘I want to see the photos!’ but­ton in the in­vi­ta­tion, they’ll be prompted to log in or, more likely, sign up for a new ac­count.

3 Share your photos and more

Once you’re logged in, the big Post but­ton at the top-right gives you the op­tion of up­load­ing photos, videos, a sta­tus, your baby’s weight or height, or a Story, which com­bines photos and text. For any­thing you post, you have the op­tion of set­ting it to be vis­i­ble to all your con­nec­tions or just to you and your part­ner – even if you’re up­load­ing a group of photos at once, say. Note that you can tag each of your chil­dren in each up­date. Apps avail­able for iOS, An­droid, Win­dows and Kin­dle Fire can make post­ing eas­ier, and for your friends and fam­ily to keep up­dated.

4 Choose no­ti­fi­ca­tion fre­quency

Ev­ery per­son you in­vite to your fam­ily up­dates can set no­ti­fi­ca­tion pref­er­ences, in­clud­ing get­ting email up­dates high­light­ing ev­ery­thing you post, ei­ther im­me­di­ately or in a daily or weekly di­gest – ideal for your less tech-savvy rel­a­tives who would strug­gle even with log­ging into the site or us­ing an app. You might need to set up their ac­count for them ini­tially, af­ter which they’ll re­ceive email up­dates. Fi­nally, if you want to stop us­ing 23snaps, from the set­tings page you can re­quest a link that down­loads ev­ery­thing you’ve up­loaded, and you can close your ac­count there too.

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